If you really want to know…

About this Blog

While this blog was created to coincide with our 2nd 8-week paleo challenge at our local CF Box, I’m hoping I can make this (blog and paleo) a regular thing. After participating in our first challenge 5 months ago, we felt the need to create a page where we could keep track of our recipes and hold ourselves accountable. If you have a new recipe idea, please send it my way and I’ll attempt to make it and blog about it =)

You can contact me at nuts4paleo [at] gmail [dot] com

The 10% I can’t give up…

Heavy Cream in my coffee, Greek yogurt in my salad dressings, parmesan cheese on my eggs (occasionally), siracha (sorry I’m not going to attempt to recreate perfection), wine, and the occasional cocktail (on the bright side, I only use real citrus and agave no Rose’s Lime or Sweet & Sour).

About the Author

I’m Michelle Ball aka Misses Ball. My husband Jeremy and I are both creatives who work on the media side of the food and wine industry. So… we stare at images of food and wine all day long and let’s just say we’re pretty good at what we do so we buy into our own content and indulge regularly 😉

We started Cross Fit Ohana in July 2012 and since then have balanced our “work” with exercise. We practice a paleo lifestyle at home 80% of the time, but chips and sushi rice are still a weakness.***

The images seen here are all taken by my husband, Jeremy Ball, unless of course you see a crappy photo then that of course would be me.

***Note: I still drink wine… daily. I can’t help it, food and wine go hand in hand and I’d rather be happy living until 75 than be a teetotaler that lives to 100 [period] Plus, we know for a fact that animals seek out fermented fruits because that signals ripeness and sugar, so I’m sure our ancient ancestors imbibed whenever they got the chance. If you’re not convinced, check out Patrick McGovern’s work or see a short synopsis here.


2 Responses to “If you really want to know…”

  1. Sandra

    Congratulations on your blog, M. Wishing you lots of inspiration and speedy fingers. I look forward to enjoying the reads.


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